Gymmer Saree Shapewear secrets Vs petticoat – Everything you need to know

Gymmer saree shapewear – A saree, also known as the six yards of sheer elegance that you can find in any South Asian wardrobe, is the best use of a fabric. No matter what the occasion or where it is taking place, the quickest thing you can trust to fit you when that custom dress won’t, is a saree. From casual lunch to fancy dinner, this elegant, timeless piece has been a trusted choice of many. And while dress trends have come and gone, sarees, with their matching blouses and petticoats, have  stayed a staple

However, while a saree is elegant and beautiful, finding a petticoat that helps you get that hourglass shape in a saree can be difficult, to say the least. Most traditional petticoats always tend to poof up and can make us look plumper than we’d like, especially with sarees that come pre-made with pleats or ruffles. Even traditional sarees like Kasavu, Baluchari, Paithani and so many more, which tend to have loose shapes and multiple ruffles and box pleats, seem amplified with a petticoat.

What is Gymmer Saree Shapewear?

Shapewear is a foundation garment, similar to corsets and brasseries, which helps emphasize the shape of one’s body. Shapewears have been on the rise with the advent of new technology creating lightweight fabrics. The most significant advantage is that shapewear, unlike regular garments, is designed not to blend seamlessly with your outerwear without being visible.

However, always exercise caution while wearing shapewear as extended usage could result in harmful health issues. Similar to corsets, shapewear literally compresses your organs to give you that seamless look.

Hence, saree petticoats, unlike your regular petticoats, are strategically designed to fit your figure, helping you emphasize your assets and curves that would generally be tucked away into the folds of your saree. And they’re pretty easy to wear as well. All you have to do is slip into one, and you’re done.

Gymmer saree shapewear fishcut
Gymmer saree shapewear fishcut

The Uses…

Saree shapewear can help you tuck in a bit of your tummy if you feel self-conscious about gaining a few pounds and can also help highlight your rump a bit under all that material, giving you a toned look. Shapewear is available for most traditional dresses and helps provide a seamless toned look for the side without any odd bits being out of place that one might feel self-conscious about.

Also, you don’t need to worry about the drawstrings bunching up near your waist and constantly digging into your sides because of the elastic waistband that will prevent any angry rashes on your skin. Saree Shapewear has an added slit on the side so you can move around comfortably, giving you the best of both worlds.

   Long gone are the days of having to wait for a tailor to get you the right size of petticoat just for your measurements to change up a bit, and you had to repeat the process all over again. And, getting into the whole weird measurement stage which was embarrassing, especially if they yelled out your measurements and it felt like anyone in the vicinity now knew your waist size.

A saree shapewear skips through most of that as you don’t need a tailor or anyone to measure your shapewear for you. All you need is a measuring tape and your perfect saree shapewear is just a click away.

How to pick the right shapewear?

With all the products out there in the market, we can be spoilt for choice when it comes to shapewear. And, picking the right kind of fit can be quite challenging. So here is a list of things to keep in mind while picking out your ideal shapewear:

The Right Size

If I may be so bold as to say, we aren’t the best judge of what fits us best sometimes. We either tend to go for a size smaller or larger, thinking we will grow or shrink into it. However, never make that mistake in the case of shapewear as rather than creating a smooth and uniform silhouette, you could end up with a muffin-top or awkward bulges.

And if that doesn’t deter you, choosing an incorrect size could also, over time, cause health issues, such as acid reflux, incontinence, varicose veins, and much more. Thus, you need to prioritize your body by getting yourself the correct size of shapewear. Remember, your shapewear is supposed to fit you, and not the other way round.

Colour Match

This is where the fashion police can step in. Wearing the wrong shade of saree shapewear underneath your saree can cause a serious fashion faux pas. Always pick a colour for your saree shapewear that matches your saree the closest.

Always try to avoid any patterns unless of course they complement your material, as patterns could also ruin the look of the saree, especially if it’s a material like net or lace. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and go with neutrals. They are simple, look clean, and it’s not as though your shapewear is the main star of the show! Since it does mostly stay out of sight the pattern on it wouldn’t show up unless the material is sheer.

As mentioned before, your saree shapewear is supposed to be discreet and indiscernible to the eye. So choose wisely!


As we all know by now, shapewear tends to impermanently change your body when you wear it. So if you’re going to have something stuck to your body for a long time, you must indeed get your money’s worth for it. That all starts with the fabric.

The most readily available saree shapewear tends to be made of cheap material, which is why it can be offered at low price points. And with regular usage of cheap materials, you could start to develop skin rashes since you tend to wear the material for long periods of time.

And in more extreme cases, you could obtain a severe allergic reaction to the materials that give your garment its elasticity, which could be life-threatening. Hence, it’s always important to check the material of your saree shapewear. Materials like spandex or lycra are always a good sign.


While we do ask you to be wise with your money when it comes to saree shapewear, that doesn’t exactly translate to spending an exorbitant price on your purchase, as it is an affordable item. Good quality saree shapewear can be reasonably priced in the 1K – 4K range (regardless of size). Thus, if it costs fifty rupees and is of ‘good material,’ you most definitely might be placing yourself in harm’s way.


When we go browsing for the perfect skin product, we do so with immense research on our skin type and read through reviews for prospective products. The same applies here with shapewear, and it can be hard to find the right kind. So here’s a recommendation we have to help you get started. Try browsing through Gymmer Saree Shapewear as its products come in a variety of sizes and are made of Lycra, which is the ideal pliable material.

In addition, their shapewear has excellent recovery and elastic quality, providing a good fit, flexibility, freedom to move, a fantastic range of motion, and shape retention. As lycra is also smooth, resistant to wrinkles, lightweight, and moisture-absorbent, it can be a godsend when it comes to those humid outdoor events or occasions that last for a long duration.

Rather than leave sweat stains in awkward places, you know you’d be in trusted hands with this shapewear. It also ticks all the boxes with a neutral peach-ish colour that can fit in with almost every shade of a saree, including your sheer-net ones. And it has a very affordable price point, which, on Flipkart during the discount season, will not cause a dent in your purse.

Finally, though we do offer recommendations, always exercise caution before spending on ANY product that you find on the internet. It isn’t a trivial investment and is probably something you may plan to stay with for the foreseeable future. While getting a tailor-made is a good choice your body overtime may tend to fluctuate and at least in the case of a shapewear getting the right material and finding a crafted tailor can be tricky and time-consuming. Most shapewears are made for the masses and can easily fit a person like a glove.

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